Management Team, Established Company, Solid Core

All critical skills:

Expertise in Marketing & Operational aspects of Broadband, Wireless, Data, Network Software.

Expertise in Marketing and Distributing Broadband and Data Products and Services in The US, Central/Latin America ,The Caribbean and Europe.


Mr. Diaz brings over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications and networking industries. Prior to founding Starbridge Networks, he was the Vice President, Latin America, Carrier Internetworking Division of Alcatel, after the Alcatel purchase of Newbridge Networks, where he was the Executive Vice President and General Manager, Latin America.. He also held executive positions at Systems Integration and Telecommunications Professional Services Companies, including several in which Mr. Diaz has been the principal founder and financier.


Mr. Murphy is responsible for product direction at Starbridge Networks, which develops and provides innovative solutions for Telecom Operators and Internet Service Providers offering Broadband services. Previously he worked at Bell Atlantic, Vitts Network and Cayman Systems in various technical and marketing positions. Involved with Broadband since 1996, Mr. Murphy has been active in home networking groups and has spoken and moderated panels at industry conferences

Luis Omar Rodriguez COO

Mr. Rodriguez has over 40 years’ experience in the telecom industry holding a wide variety of senior or officer positions in Sales, Operations and Senior Management. His expertise has been earned in both the U.S., Emerging Markets in Latin America and Europe. Previously Luis Omar had worked at Alcatel, Newbridge Networks Inc., Apple Computer Inc. and ITT Corp.