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3.5G Business Access Router for Mobile and Backup Applications

The ONECell35, a fast 3.5G connection and flexible carrier-grade mobile access router,provides users with high-speed mobile network and VPN connectivity for all their Ethernetand WiFi devices.

With download speeds of up to 7MB/s, ONECell35 provides an excellent alternative tofixed data communication such as ISDN, leased lines or even broadband access.The combined advantages of high-speed wireless access network (UMTS, HSPDA, HSUPA)for fast and secure Internet and VPN Access, provide operators with unique opportunitiesboth to grow their customer base and to meet increasingly stringent businesscustomer Service Level Agreements.

High-Speed Wireless Access

Data communication over mobile networks is one of the fastest growing market segments in the telecoms industry, and is enabling the global expansion of advanced data services and applications.

Moreover, a local access network is easily deployed by means of its dual Ethernet interface and on-board WiFi access point.

Purpose Built 3.5G Business Router key Applications

Remote branch extension of an existing network

By providing access via the high-speed mobile network, ONECell35 enables Telcos’ business customers to enlarge their VPN networks, even when branch offices are located in ‘off network’ areas, such as retail outlets in remote locations.

Instant Connection

Business networks can be instantly created using the wireless access and WiFi capabilities of the ONECell35. Customers can be connected quickly, and the deployment of the permanent service can then be optimised to lower installation costs. Temporary network access needs, including: outside events and shows, security management and incident centres, construction sites and ‘networked transport’, can be met with ease creating new revenue opportunities for creative Telco sales teams.

Critical device connection via mobile network

Where line installation involves cost-prohibitive construction expenses, such as in telemetry or remote video surveillance applications, the ONECell35 wireless solution now allows operators to offer their customers a cost effective, networked solution.

Broadband backup

ONECell35 offers a wireless access solution which allows operators to present their customers with an effective backup alternative. Through the use of an entirely separate network infrastructure, this can positively impact service availability, and performance against SLAs.

E-advertising, anywhere

The ONECell35 through its wireless access capability, gives total freedom to end-users to locate and manage digital media displays at any location. By using the 3.5G network, displays can be connected to the media management application without the limitations of wired networks, giving your customers the maximum impact from their content.