Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find the USB drivers for your product?
A: The USB drivers are located on the CD that comes with every USB equipped gateway device. They are also located in the “Support” section of this web site. Please note that USB support is only for Windows XP and newer. You may also want to contact your service provider for additional information

Q: How do I obtain new firmware for your gateway devices?
A: Starbridge gateways are a vital piece of your service provider’s network. Much work has been done to ensure that the firmware on the gateways operates properly within their network. New firmware is not provided to end users; it is only released to the service providers.

Q: Do Starbridge gateways support Macintosh and Linux based computers?
A: Macintosh and Linux computers work via Ethernet or WI-FI

Q: Can I host a web server from a Starbridge gateway?
A: Yes. You must determine the type of IP Address issued to you by your service provider. If it is a non-routable address then you cannot. If it is dynamic, then you must use the dynamic dns settings on the Starbridge gateway and subscribe to a dynamic dns provider.

Q: I was able to find an update for my product. Should I install?
A: Unless specifically advised to update your software by our technical support staff, please do not install the updates. Using the wrong software can render your equipment inoperable and is not covered under warranty!